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Started Travel Lead Business in New Delhi, India

Posted By : Hemant Kumar

Posted On : Thu Apr 23, 2015 10:37 am

I have started travel lead generation call centre in New Delhi and I am able to generate 15 to 25 leads in day. I have Telecaller Staff which confirms these leads so that we can get authentic queries for sales process.

I sell these travel leads on commission basis and for Domestic Travel leads, I ask 5.4% of total travel package and for International Travel (Inbound or Outbound) it is 8%.

I am able to sell these leads in the market to small travel agents, but my intentations is to start my travel agency setup in future. I would like tie-up with Online Travel portals, in order to design packages on my own.

Please share your thoughts and put your valuable remarks on my buisness model. Expecting ideas which can show me correct methodology.

Thanks & regards,
Hemant Kumar

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