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7 Best Summer Season Places to Visit in North-East India

Posted By : Abhishek Chaudhary

Posted On : Fri Jun 05, 2015 5:02 am

Summer season is not all that fun in many parts of India, especially when the sun shines and spit fire mercilessly on earth. This is the time when most people look for a place to relax and hill station is a common choice. North East boasts of some of the most spectacular tour destinations that exudes unprecedented beauty even during summer season. Here are 6 most beautiful spots to visit in North East India in summer:

1. Mokokchung, Nagaland

The tribal Mokokchung district in Nagaland is perfect for encountering some of the bizarre elements, rarely found anywhere else in India. Dominated and inhabited only by Christian community, the small villages on green hillocks inhabited by the Ao Naga tribe, l,ook simply beautiful. Visit Longkhum and you will witness some of the most exquisite and bewitching natural views especially during full bloom season. This is the time when all narrow roads get loaded with the colourful rhododendron. Other major attractions of Mokokchung include Ungma and Chuchuyimlang village.

2. Pelling, Sikkim

The famous hill station of Sikkim will make your tour memorable. Here, you would be welcomed by unparalleled views of Kanchenjunga in the evening right when the valley is silent. Getting close to nature is one of the best things to here. Visit the popular Pemayangtse Monastery through small treks and picturesque backdrop. You would simply cherish your stay in Pelling.

3. Tawang Hill Station

If it is about spending summer vacation in North East India, it has to be with a few days spent in Tawang. The picturesque canvas painted in some of the most beautiful colours of nature, Tawang is the land of the Monpas. Here, you would get an opportunity to visit scenic Buddhist Monasteries, sparkling lakes, and exquisitely cascading waterfalls, and lush valleys that make you feel in heaven. The monastery Taktsang Gompa is a wonderful place to be without having to wait in a long queue. Sella Pass promises an unmatched view. Snowfall in summer and bewitching sightseeing attractions such as Pankang Teng Tso Lake, Jaswant Garh, Urgyelling Monastery etc. will steal your heart. A Tawang North East package with Tour Das Travel Agency will help you explore the beautiful place in a better way.

4. Tsomgo Lake, Sikkim

When touring North East India during summer season, Sikkim is undoubtedly the best place to be. It is awesome fun exploring Tsomgo Lake beautifully tucked at 3780 m. The lake promises some ethereal views for visitors along with the bordering Himalayan mountain ranges. What makes the lake more interesting is its vicinity to unparalleled vistas comprising of beautiful blooming poppies, rhododendrons, and primulas. For those planning to travel the place in the month of May, get ready to witness the unmatched beauty of whiter brighter snow. The entire lake remains frozen till mid June. Did you know the places nearby are home to the red panda and many beautiful and rare species of birds? This is the spot where you can get a clear glimpse of the exclusive brahminy duck.

5. Majuli, Assam

The cultural hub of the North-East, Assam is a fantastic place to be. The picturesque Anjuli plays fulcrum to this hub where you would be able to explore many hidden gems. The beautiful river island can be accessed by ferry from Jorhat. Celebrated widely for flaunting unmatched scenic beauty sprinkled with rice fields and beautiful water-bodies blooming with colourful flowers, Majuli welcomes you to a beautiful summer vacation land. Satras dominated and nurtured by Mohantas (priests) and inhabited by Satriya Vaishnav Religion is the major attraction here. You would simply fall for the plush collection of beautiful masks, amazing dresses, and ethnic jewelleries widely used in traditional dramas such as Bhaona.

6. Shillong, Meghalaya

For a memorable summer vacations in North East India, head straight to Shillong. You would be mesmerised by the clean, beautiful roads moving through the hills and soul soothing weather. Also referred to as the “Hollywood of North-East”, Shillong is home to some of the most beautiful and lavish accommodation constructed on the edges of beautiful lakes and mountains. You would love to witness the tall pine trees and exquisite flower gardens. Some of the bewitching sightseeing spots in Shillong include Elephant Falls, Ward’s Lake, Shillong Peak, Lady Hydari Park, Laitlum Canyons, Shillong golf course, and Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures.

7. Cherapunji, Meghalaya

You must have studied about the place in school. Yes, it is the same place witnessing the highest rainfall. Visit this mysterious place and get a chance to walk amidst the clouds in summer. The exquisite tourist spot is one of wettest places on earth and home to large vivacious waterfalls, eye catching lush green meadows, and mind blowing delightful weather to make your summer memorable. For those who love to capture pictures, Cherapunji houses camera-friendly landscapes in abundance. Some of the best places to visit here include Nohkalikai Falls (the tallest plunge waterfall in India), Seven Sisters’ falls, Mawsmai Falls, Dainthlen Waterfalls, David Scott Memorial, Khasi Monoliths, Eco Park, and Krem Phyllut Cave.

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