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London for Vegetarians – 5 Dishes Every Vegetarian must Try in London

Posted By : tim scott

Posted On : Tue Sep 22, 2015 1:10 am

There can be nothing worse than travelling to a place and finding nothing to eat there that can hold your fancy. For vegetarians, devouring green salads and cheese burgers everywhere and all the time, acts as a dampener on their holiday spirit. Sadly though, this is not uncommon.

To cater to its long list of visiting vegetarians then, London has prominently evolved its menu when it comes to vegetarian food. From spicy appetizers, scrumptious main course to desserts, London offers wholesome concoctions and exciting vegetarian buffets for everyone. This in addition to humus and Indian cuisine which is anyways universally available, makes London’s vegetarian food trail, a delight to follow. From London’s vegetarian outback then here are 5 dishes to try next time you go visiting the city –

Beetroot borani – A special twist to the famous Iranian dish, beetroot borani is prepared with freshly chopped beetroot cooked with chickpeas, red onion and flavoured with seasoned yoghurt. Garnished with feta cheese, coriander leaves, sesame seeds and walnuts, beetroot borani is the perfect supper for vegans, especially with the ones with a sweet tooth.

Ajoblanco – Ajoblanco, or white garlic soup in English, is a famous Andalusian soup straight from Malaga. Prepared primarily with garlic cloves and diced almonds, the soup is typically served with bread or fresh fruit. Easily available, restaurants in London serve the soup with their own interesting combinations.

Tofush and chips–Vegetarian replica of chicken wraps, tofush is prepared with fresh tofu or cottage cheese cooked with a lot of exotic herbs and spices. Served with fresh chips, tofush is a perfect snack at any time of the day.

Thai mushroom soup with wontons – Simmering hot soup with shiitake mushrooms, lime juice, ginger, garlic and lemon grass served with delicately soft wontons is not only famous amongst Thai and other Asians visiting London, but also a favourite of Londoners as well. Irresistibly tasty, this soup is healthy as well.

Gumbo – Although a traditional African recipe, gumbo in London is available in its vegetarian avatar, with tofu and beans replacing meat and shellfish. Prepared with garlic, cloves, green pepper and paprika, gumbo should definitely feature on the list, and plate, of spicy food lovers.

With each pasing day, London is evolving and absorbing more of world cuisines into its dining culture. Offering a plethora of choices around tempting vegetarian foods, London just reaffirms its sobriquet of being one of the most vibrant culinary city of the world.

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