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Upper Mustang Trek : Trip to remote region of Nepal

Posted By : Glorious Himalaya Trekking and Tour

Posted On : Tue Sep 06, 2016 7:39 am

Upper Mustang trek leads you into the hidden kingdom of Mustang district. It is called Lo. Lo used to be a part of the Tibetan empire. Here, villages are built in Tibetan style with white washed houses. The ultimate destination of Upper Mustang Trekking is Lo-Manthang. Lo-Manthang is a capital of Upper Mustang. It is a medieval town surrounded by a huge wall. Upper Mustang trek not only offers its visitors beautiful views of the rugged landscape but also allows them to observe the Tibetan Buddhist cultures that have been practiced in this region since many centuries ago. In an around Lo-Manthang hikers will also get to see ancient monasteries, Mani walls, Buddhist shrines, Gompas and Mandalas. The Mustagi people have their own way of family life, which is quite surprising for many outsiders. All the brothers in the family are married to a single girl, what you may call a practice of polyandry.

Mustang is arid, treeless scenery and land of monasteries. The best season for the trekkers is May to October. Upper Mustang is one of the rain shadow region of Nepal. Thus, trekkers also can visit upper Mustang in monsoon season. Several years ago, trekking used to be organized as camping or tent trek. Now, it is an alternatively developing simple tea houses. The Mustangis or the people of Mustang call themselves Lobas, and they have their own King or Tribe-leader, Jigme Palbar Bista. After Nepal was declared a republic in 2007, the Nepal Government took back the official recognition of the Bista as the Mustangi King. However, the people there still respect him as their King or tribe-leader. Bista also grants audience to the visitor upon request.

Upper Mustang is a restricted area till 1992 for foreign visitors and outsiders. Nowadays, foreign are allowed but to enter Upper Mustang they have to buy a special permit of USD 500 for ten days. The trip to Mustang is only arranged by trekking companies of Nepal. For this trip itineary details visit our official link :

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