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Challenges is brand new and it still needs a lot of content to make it the most comprehensive travel website on the Internet. In fact, is really is just a framework in which travelers (people who are nuts about travel!) can share their knowledge, experiences, ideas, and imagery with others.

During the weeks, months and years to come we will ask TripNut Members to work together to add and edit the kind of content that travelers need and want about the world...the places and people they want to visit.

And that process starts now...and it starts with you and every other Member.

We face a massive set of challenges just adding information and quality imagery for every destination on our beautiful blue planet.

Everyone knows a lot about the place they live..and making sure we have accurate and complete information about your home town and your country, is a great place for each TripNut Member to make a gigantic contribution to the TripNut Community.

Current Challenges

  • Refer new TripNutters

    Tell your family and friends about TripNut and ask them to participate in the TripNut Community.

    Just open your Referrals Menu to invite new Members.

  • Travel Destinations

    Join an Edit Circle for your country or home town.

    Search for destinations you are knowledgeable about and click on the "Edit Destination" button under the image gallery.

  • Affinity Groups

    Become a member of a group of travelers who share your special travel interests.

    Use your Referral program to invite others who you think would love to join your Affinity Groups.