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Vietnam, Asia

Country : Vietnam
Continent : Asia
Capital city : Hanoi
Population : 89,693,000
Area : 331,210 sq km
Latitude : 21°2′N
Longitude : 105°51′E

Town & Cities


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Greetings from HGH Travel, Viet Nam,

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself & our company.
I’m Mr Hoa – Sales Executive at HGH Travel – One of biggest Travel Agencies in Central of Viet Nam.

HGH Travel is a responsible DMC that prides itself in delivering top quality services to our beloved customers. We offer the most extensive tour and holiday packages throughout Indochina which includes Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar with competitive rates and detailed information regarding every aspect of our services.

We have also the experience in handling incentive groups, tailor make all the request for luxury travelers to the area.

With a full service Destination Management Company (DMC) bringing Historical, Cultural, Eco, Adventure Tourism to our customers, we take pride in ourselves in the quality and affordability of our services and ability to adapt and change our tour services to fit individual needs. We have attached our company profile to this email in order to provide you with more information regarding our company.

For more information on our company, please visit us at: or visit us on Facebook:
Please take a short time to review your
company profile and let us know if you are interested in our services,

Look forward to hearing from you soon,

Best regards,
Nguyen Xuan Hoa ( Mr)
Sales Executive
[Skype]: xuanhoa6588
[M]: +84 122-452-2468

[W]: |
[T]: + 84.54.3932789 - EXT: 103 |[F]: + 84.54.3932777
[A]: 18 Duong Van An St., Hue City, Vietnam
Xuan Hoa Nguyen Oct 29, 2014
Getting visa at BBK (Thailand)
One of the few visas that we needed to apply for and has actually been more of a formal process was the Vietnam visa. We opted to get our visa while in Bangkok at the Vietnam Embassy. I can’t say I would do that again. First you have to find the embassy, which isn’t too hard if you know your way around Bangkok, which we do, but there aren’t a lot of signs to help you when you get close. Next you have to pay and give them your passport for a few days (I hate not having my passport). Finally, if you are lucky you will get your passport back on time, with a nice big full page Vietnam sticker visa in your passport.

We weren’t one of the lucky few. After a few stops back to check on the progress on this rather routine operation we got our passports back, only to find the wrong dates printed on our passports. Our Vietnam visa was due to expire a day before we were set to land in Ho Chi Minh City. After pointing out to the friendly embassy attendant that he had gotten our dates wrong by a whole month, he whips around grabs a pen and crosses out the printed, and very formal looking, dates and writes over them with the same pen. Before we had a chance to scream ‘noooooo’ he was done. Our rather expensive visas was now scribbled on. He hands them back and points to his edit and says in rather rough English “It ok, I put two stamp. Two stamp OK, one stamp no OK.” Just then another older expat from behind us says “It’s OK they mess the dates up all the time, if it has two stamps where he wrote you should be OK.”
We ended up getting into Vietnam without too much of an issue, but we wasted more than a whole day in Bangkok dealing with it. Not to mention trying to explain this to our airline attendant in the Philippines that yes our visa was actually good, even though they had the dates scribbled out. The whole “Two stamp OK” thing was hard to explain to her before she actually let us on the plane. Airlines will not allow you on the plane to another country without proof that you have proper documentation, because if you don’t returning you to where you came from is their responsibility.
Evisa Vietnam May 29, 2014
Vietnam Visa on Arrival: For people visiting Vietnam and wanting to get a visa on arrival letter (VOA) instead of a visa from their local embassy, is a service I have used without issue. Promotion code LEGALNOMADS (yes, it has to be in all caps) at checkout will apply a 26% discount on the payment screen. (Note: this is valid for any VOA visa on their site, be it 3 month or 1 month or 6 Months multiple visa.)
Evisa May 26, 2014

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