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Vian Andrews

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


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Founder and CEO of Visits & Trips Network which launched the TripNut Commmunity in September 2014.

Just as Uber creates a direct contact between riders and drivers and just as AirB&B connects people to property owners, TripNut connects travelers to providers of travel and hospitality services. also embraces the "wisdom of the crowd" - calling on all members to contribute to the common good.

Bucket List

Ireland, Killarney 2015 Why?
France, Paris 2015 Why?
Italy, Rome 2015

My Favorite Places

India, Taj Mahal 2014 Jun
Italy, Rome 2014 Feb

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99 BBQ House

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Ceperley House

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Visit Italy Tours        

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Fairmont Pacific Rim        

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Villa Athena        

Accommodations (Agrigento, Italy)

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I love TripNut!
Vian Andrews Jan 22, 2015 01:55 PM
Solio Lodge is built on a 19,000-acre game reserve between Mount Kenya and the Aberdares, which currently has 70 black and 150 white rhinos.
Vian Andrews Jan 16, 2014 06:20 AM


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